Neighborhood: Ironville

Toledo, Ohio historical map, 1920

A historical map of Toledo, Ohio above, showing the Ironville neighborhood from 1920. A contemporary map of Toledo, Ohio below, showing what the area formerly known as Ironville now looks like

Ironville photo album

Title: Ironville Photo Scrapbook
Creator: Ron Mauter

A scrapbook originally contained in a three-ring binder of copies of photos, newspaper articles and maps of the Ironville neighborhood once located in the East Side of Toledo, Ohio. The area was surrounded by oil refineries and other industry but the residents had a sense of pride and community. In the early 1960's many of the homes and buildings were demolished by the City of Toledo to make room for an industrial park that never materialized. This and other scrapbooks are a way to keep memories of the neigborhood alive. Scrapbook compiled by Ron Mauter between 1996 and 2011 and was donated to the library by Larry R. Michaels.

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