History of Birmingham

Birmingham remembers

Title: Birmingham remembers
Creator: John Ahern
Published: 1984

This book is a the first volume of a collaborative project called "Birmingham remembers". It contains transcriptions of video-taped interviews conducted with persons from the Birmingham neighborhood in East Toledo. The project was a cooperative activity of the University of Toledo Urban Affairs Center, the Birmingham Cultural Center and the Toledo Lucas County Public Library. John F. Ahern was the project director.

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Birmingham: reflections on community

Title: Birmingham: reflections on community
Creator: Diane F. Britton and Dr. John Ahern
Published: 1992

This book is the second volume of a collaborative project called "Birmingham Remembers". Residents of the Birmingham neighborhood had been interviewed in the 1980s. With this project the participants comments are organized by topic. Topics include heritage, education, religion, work, recreation, neighborhood, rituals, holidays, the Great Depression, military service, the Hungarian Revolution, activism and reminiscences.

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Roots in Birmingham

Title: Roots in Birmingham
Creator: John Ahern and Randy Nissen
Published: 1997

The book, a compilation of interviews with Birmingham residents, evokes the neighborhood's history and culture. A "Birmingham Cultural Center Book". Stories collected from Judy (Farkas) Balogh, Elizabeth "Kardy" (Kordas) Boray, Anna (Potoczki) Fabos, John Gocsik, Father Martin Hernady, Margaret "Peg" (Markovich) Horvath, Nancy (Packo) Horvath, Lillian (Kertz) Keil, William Kertesz, Mary (Christian) King, Mariska Kinsey-LaCava, Eleanor (Weizer) Mesteller, Don and Barb Nyitray, John Oravec, Paul John Slovak, William Szabo, Steven Tarczali, Barbara (Priscsak) Torok, Alberta (Taylor) Traylor, Magdalene Ujvagi, Peter Ujvagi, Pete Vas, Jr., and Martha (Boden) Young.

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Preservation of ethnic heritage; an examination of the Birmingham experience

Title: Preservation of ethnic heritage; an examination of the Birmingham experience
Author: John Ahern
Published: 1987

Members of the Birmingham area provide insight regarding activities that preserve the local heritage.

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Hungarian American Toledo: life and times in Toledo's Birmingham neighborhood

Title: Hungarian American Toledo: life and times in Toledo's Birmingham neighborhood
Editors: Thomas E. Barden and John Ahern
Published: 2002

This book is a compilation of stories and memories from notable residents. Includes stories from William Kertesz, Peter Ujvagi, Kay J. Blalock, Thomas E. Barden, Ted J. Ligibel, Lynne Maner, Andrew Ludanyi, and Raymond J. Pentzell. The book was supported by funding from the Hungarian Reformed Federation of America.

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Jubilate, 1889-1924

Title: Jubilate, 1889-1924
Creator: Church of St. Stephen
Published: 1924

Published in 1924, this book celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Church of St. Stephen, King of Hungary. It contains the church's history and congratulations on the event from both local supporters and from those around the world. Most of the text is printed in both English and Hungarian. The church is located in the Birmingham neighborhood of East Toledo, Ohio.

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History of Birmingham